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Dr. Choi's Courses @ USC

ARCH - 515 "Advanced Environmental Controls"

Teach environmental control strategies in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting and acoustic environments, and human physiological factors relating to building indoor environmental quality.

ARCH - 615 “Advanced Topics in Environmental Controls: Building Energy Performance Simulation”

Teach environmental control strategies for enhancing building performance by adopting building simulation modeling.

ARCH – 573 “Sustainable Design for Healthy Indoor Environments“

Teach the building design process required to assure indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and the needs of building occupants to promote their environmental health, work productivity, psychological comfort, aesthetic quality, and satisfaction.

ARCH - 579 “Sustainable Building and Environment using LEED Metrics”

Teach fundamental knowledge of sustainable building concepts, current environmental design building (i.e. LEED) rating systems, building performance and diagnostic skills, as well as referenced standards related specific topics.

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