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Human Biometric Signal-Driven Architectural Facade Design Guidelines

Clients and architects are the most important participants in most architectural design projects. Due to misunderstandings about the clients' objectives and preferences, architects and clients are forced to spend a significant amount of time deciding design agreements. The architect determines the effectiveness of the design process in an architecture design firm. After the client changes his or her mind about the project, the entire project or a portion of it will be changed to accommodate the client's wishes. Making adjustments and redesigning a project multiple times takes time. This research’s goal is to create architectural design principles that make use of advanced machine learning algorithms. Advanced sensing technologies, in contrast to the present architectural traditional design method, provide information based on the clients' reactions, such as physiological signals and psychological aspects. The concept design of architects may provide more alternatives to satisfy clients. Additionally, architects that have a better understanding of their clients' needs will significantly save processing time and effort.


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